Finance & Accounting


Billing across the clinic is simplified using Easy Clinic’s innovative and simple financial accounting. Billing, Payments, Taxation, Ledgers, Inventory, Packages, Regulatory forms and 3rd Party integrations are built in to seamlessly cater to needs of individual practices and large multi-location clinics alike.

Comprehensive Financials

Features in the financial modules allow you to create your custom services, products, package treatments, special corporate / 3rd party price lists and treatment catalogues.

Customise your payment methods including advance against treatment, instalments, credit bills, insurance claims and more. Maintain ledgers against patient or corporate accounts with full transaction history of billing, receipts, refunds, bad-debts and reversals.

Financial accounting in Easy Clinic is automatically linked and tracked across all processes; be it consultation, pharmacy dispensing, lab, immunisation or any other service provided by the clinic.

For larger organisations who run their own financial ERP systems; extract, transform and load data from Easy Clinic via simple API integration to create a holistic financial backbone for the organisation without the need for duplicate entries.

Monitoring and Analysis

Easy Clinic allows you to maintain strict control over the use of financial transactions with fine grained user access rights and a full audit trail of all activities including options for a supervisory password for credit entries.

Administrators & Owners of the clinic get a real-time holistic view of the transactions taking place at the billing desks for a day or across a date range through a dedicated dashboard.


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User Feedback

The financial module allows management to tally collections to actual receipts a very handy feature.

Dr. s.n.bhattacharyya
Dr. S.N.Bhattacharyya MBBS (Cal.), MBA (EUR), Consultant eHealth

Financial aspects have now become very easy for me to look into the day book & monthly, quarterly accounts.

Dr. S Lakshmi
Dr. S Lakshmi Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Most important is billing record of patient , to calculate month wise income as well as expenditure.

Dr. Vishal Sarada
Dr. Vishal A Sarda BAMS